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Need to conduct Background Checks? Search through databases of literally millions of criminal records in all 50 states. Perfect for employee and tenant screening. Instant Results. 100% guaranteed.

Our Background Checks allow you to find out more about that person you are considering hiring, or maybe the backround criminal history of a person you are considering renting a room to. Is there something they are hiding from you?

Our Background Checks are the perfect tool for providing the security you need to protect yourself in today's world. Don't make a mistake by waiting. Find out now if that person has something to hide. Our background check service includes:

::Possible aliases
::Tax liens
::Civil judgments
::Current and past addresses
::Home value & property
::Criminal records
::Marriage and divorce records

:: People Search
Reverse Phone
:: Reverse License Plate
:: Property Search
:: Reverse Cell Phone
:: Locate Sex Offenders

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Background Checks

You provide the name, we give you the data you need. Our results are 100% guaranteed. It takes less than a minute to get started and even less to see if that person has a criminal background.

Our databases are up
dated constantly to provide you with the absolute latest information available.

Avoid free background checks as they will often be outdated. An offer of a free background check online always leads to a sales page as the costs and fees associated with keeping databases updated can be prohibitive.

Results May Include:

Arrest Records
DUI Arrests
Court Records
Driving & DMV Records
Criminal Records
Address(es) and phone

and much more....

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